Nice, France

Our first destination in France was Nice, on the southeast edge of France and on the Mediterranean Sea. Just thinking about the south of France brings my blood pressure down and makes me feel more relaxed! :) Beautiful weather, palm trees, beautiful flowers... I would equate it with San Deigo-like weather- not too hot, sunny, breeze from the water. The lazy feel of the town is exactly what I look for in a vacation spot, with a place to get some gelato on your way down to the water's edge. The beaches in Nice were rocky shores and we were surprised to see locals laying down their towels and laying down as if it were sand. It hurt my feet to walk on those rocks, but perhaps it's something you get used to over time. :) We took a day tour around the city, which brought us up to a spot where there were beautiful vistas of the beach and shoreline. There was a beautiful waterfall that we could see from a distance and were able to find our way up. A great few days of food, sun and sea.


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