France Trip- Normandy

Yes, I know I said next stop was Paris. And it was. But, just for one short evening before heading out out a 3 day tour to Normandy. We made it back to Paris after Normandy for a few days. Unfortunately, I fell and sprained my ankle in one of the Chateaus we visited in Normandy! Not a terribly exciting story, I just caught a toe on a wide spiral staircase and didn't have anywhere to grab on my way down. I landed on my DSLR camera (ouch!), which was around my neck, but it is still trooping on, even now, after replacing the lens filter, which shattered. I had to take a day off from Normandy touring and stay on the bus, but I managed to limp around Paris and make the most of the rest of our stay in France. :)

Normandy was rainy and somewhat gloomy in comparison to sunny and warm Nice and Bordeaux. Paris was much the same and my companion, Char, and I discussed that in the future, we'd do the trip in reverse. Go and get the rain and gloominess over with- enjoy the sights and the bustling city, and THEN go enjoy some sun in the small towns, relax and come home. :)

Normandy was a three day tour. The first day we visited the picturesque town of Rouen and a small port town of Honfleur. What I remember most about Honfleur was having the most delicious crepe sandwich, with ham and melted cheese, folded into a rectangle, which was named a "Galette" (with some gelato, of course).

In the afternoon, we visited the beaches of Normandy, stopping at Omaha Beach, and visited the American cemetery of Saint-Laurent, the largest American cemetery outside of the US. It was a beautiful place, quiet and bit somber, but great to have had the chance to go there.

The first day ended in the city of Caen and the next day started with a visit to the city of St. Malo and ended with a visit to the spectacular Mont-Saint-Michel, and even so in the pouring rain. :) The last day of our tour started out well by seeing the castle of Angers and a visit to the castle of Langeais.

Sadly, this was where I sprained my ankle, and didn't then get to go to Ambiose or visit the castles of Chenonceau and Chambord. Back to Paris we went after a 3 day whirlwind trip to Normandy, with lots of rain, yet beautiful sights, but a swollen ankle and a very supportive trip-mate who, with more effort than it seemed like it should be, helped get us a cab back to our hotel.


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